Imagine a life where you can meal plan for the week in less time than it takes to unload the dishes!

Are you:

Ready to stop being frazzled at dinner time?

Tired of spending all day trying to figure out what to feed your kids?

Done with dreading meal times because you just do not know what to make?

I see you.

I used to avoid meal planning too.

I would spend so much time trying to figure out what to eat all day long.

Because I didn’t meal plan, I was always at the grocery store, I always had all these leftover ingredients and 
I hated the feeling of throwing out unused food.

I knew something had to change...

I developed this easy and modifiable meal planning system that I’ve been successfully using it ever since,

and you can too!

Master Your Meal Plan!

The answer to your meal time woes,
this e-book will give you a painless 5-step system to easy meal planning for your busy family

Discover . . .


Why meal planning can remove the stress of meal times with your family.


How to meal plan successfully in the little time you have.


How to use Pinterest or Trello boards so that you can meal plan with ease.


Why using a “Meals This Week” board is the secret to success.


How to grocery shop so that you will stick to your meal plan and not stray off course.


How meal prepping will help you stay on plan.


How to set up your meal plan system to function on autopilot so you can meal plan in just a couple of minutes a week.

But wait, that's not all . . .

BONUS 1 is a set of 5 mix & match printable weekly meal plan templates

BONUS 2  is a checklist of 10 top tips on saving money while meal planning

If you are ready to meal plan with ease, grab your copy of the
Master Your Meal Plan E-book today!

I mean, are you:

I love the Master Your Meal Plan workbook! I was able to quickly get a meal plan put together for the week with all the ingredients I would need. Having my weekly meals in one place to easily access them each day will help me save time and money.” -Samantha

This was the first time I’ve ever used a meal prep guide. The experience was fantastic! I was able to be organized, detailed, thorough and efficient and saved so much money! There are so many details listed that I would have never thought of and Kinzy provides step by step instructions + printables to make things super easy! I have a hard time sticking to things but this plan/prep made my life so much better that I’ll for sure be using this weekly!

Loved this easy to follow meal planning ebook by Kinzy. It definitely levelled up my meal planning skills – utilizing Pinterest boards was genius!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

✔️ You want to set up a customized meal planning system that fits your family.

✔️ You want to take control of meal times in your household.

✔️ You are looking for change when it comes to your meal planning.

✖️You are looking for a done-for-you meal plan with recipes.

✖️You are unwilling to put in any effort to set up your customized system.

✖️You don’t use or are not interested in using Pinterest for recipes.


It will absolutely be worth it if you actually work through the worksheets and set up your personal system!

Yes! I break down step by step how you can set up a customized system to work for your family and you.

All it should take to successfully meal plan is 10 minutes per week. 10 minutes!

Yes! It’s about having a schedule so you don’t have to waste time searching for something to eat. You don’t have to choose complicated recipes to meal plan. You can even incorporate meal delivery services if you want. 

Never Get Stuck Meal Planning Again...

Get your copy of the Master Your Meal Plan E-book today!

And finally have a meal plan you can stick to!