Meet Kinzy

Our Mission:

Coffee With Kinzy is committed to helping moms skyrocket their productivity, so they can embrace motherhood AND pursue their passions.

Basically, we believe in making #momlife easier. With effective time management and intentional routines you can be a mindful, present mom and still have time for your own dreams too!

Who is Kinzy?

So you’ve landed in my little corner of the internet and now you may just be wondering who the heck I am…

Well, my name is Kinzy, and no, it isn’t short for anything. Just Kelsie & Lindsey crammed together and spelled weirdly 😉

Like many of you, I wear a few hats. These days I am primarily a stay at home mom, which is my absolute dream. I’m also a part-time Optometrist and, of course, a blogger.

My true passion is helping moms own their time, so they can fully embrace motherhood while chasing their dreams!

I’m a total time management geek and love helping others implement systems and routines to make their lives so much easier!

I’ve always been a busy bee, so I learned at a young age to start managing my time. I was on the high school swim team training 8+ sessions a week and I worked all through college to pay for it as I went (thank you, Canada, for affordable tuition!). I’m also the crazy graduate school student who held a job, graduated suma cum laude and still crawled into bed by 10pm most nights. Yeah, 8 years of University later and I never pulled an all-nighter…

But everything changed the moment my sweet girl came earthside.

I had no idea how to balance motherhood with other responsibilities. I went from organized to a hot mess express. Of course, priorities shift with a newborn… but this went far past that. I was totally resistant to changing how I’d always done things, and I was drowning.

After months of complete chaos, I found a quote about embracing change and set myself on a new personal development journey. I finally understood I had to adapt and adopt new routines.

I started blogging…

to spill the beans on all the productivity tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. If I can catapult my productivity as a mom, so can you! Motherhood tends to turn your world upside down, and we need to form a community, stick together and support one another.

It’s so much fun to connect and share this journey together, so please, grab a cup and come along for the ride!

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Now for a little more fun!

If you’d like to get to know me further… here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I’ve lived in four countries: Canada, Peru, Mexico and the United States. ¡Hablo Español también!
  2. I married a wonderful Bulgarian man and we are merging two cultures to raise our daughter (and future children) in America.
  3. My favourite food is pickles. I am obsessed.
  4. I am an eye doctor (part time now), however, this job does not define me. Eyeballs have been an interest of mine since I was a middle schooler.
  5. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies. I love learning new techniques.
  6. Cardio boxing is my jam – it’s mainly how I stay in shape.
  7. I LOVE meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking.
  8. I bake (themed) cupcakes for any occasion I can.
  9. Until I discovered bullet journaling I have never been able to complete a journal (anyone else with countless cute journals with only a few used pages?). I’m now on year 3 because of its’ incredible flexibility.
  10. My happy place is a cup of hot coffee and a good book/magazine/blog – hence the name Coffee with Kinzy.

I’d love to quickly introduce the rest of my family.

Meet my husband, DT.

You will occasionally see my husband around here, so I’ll take a minute to introduce him too. His name is DT and he was born in Bulgaria. He moved to America at the age of ten with his parents and little sister. He is an avid sports fan: his favourites being football, soccer and basketball. DT is loyal, witty and the most intelligent person I know. He truly is the best daddy my daughter could dream of having, and I am blessed to have him as my partner in life!

And the love of our lives: miss Stella!

Stella is a sweet baby who is superbly curious about the world she lives in. I find this somewhat surprising since she didn’t want to make an entrance at all – she came 8 days late and not easily then either. She is a quiet observer of everyone and everything around her, just like her mama.

Stella’s favourite things include mama and daddy, her foxy, Gizmo the family cat, crinkle books and watching the bigger kids play at mommy meet ups. Her least favourite things are sirens (yay for city living), snowsuits (girl, you are half Canadian!), and daddy’s sneezes (I swear she’s been studying the family cat).

I’m so glad you stopped by the blog. I would love for you to grab a cup of your favourite brew and stay awhile. Have a wonderful rest of your day!