An Honest Newton Baby Mattress Review

An Honest NewtonBaby Mattress Review: it’s Breathable & Washable too!

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Let’s take a minute to talk about the best crib mattress ever. 

Yes, there is an affiliate link in the post – BUT I paid for this mattress before I even knew I would start blogging.

I am 100% a happy & satisfied customer and I want to share this amazing product with you all in this honest NewtonBaby mattress review.

The Best Crib Mattress for Babies and Toddlers

Imagine having a mattress that gives you peace of mind during the night while your infant sleeps?

It’s possible with the NewtonBaby crib mattress, friends.

It is seriously my favourite baby product purchase, and one many of my friends didn’t think too much about when shopping for their littles. 

Don’t make their mistake, mamas! There are some great mattress options out there. In this post I am going to dive deep into the one we chose, and why.

Babies sleep. A lot. Maybe not when you always want them to…but that’s another story for another day…

Let’s break it down. The average newborn sleeps around 16-18 hours a day (Parenting Science). My one-year-old sleeps 13-14 hours a day. She has slept in her crib from 2 weeks old → that is a lot of hours logged in there, friends. Well over 5000 hours, actually!

So why do we drop hundreds of dollars on fancy swings and chairs they spend 30 minutes a day in, but we balk at paying a little more for a mattress they spend more than half their day on?

Maybe it’s because moms just don’t realize this mattress exists. Enter this blog post. 

Why the NewtonBaby crib mattress is the bees knees (ie. best ever!):

  1. It’s breathable

    It’s breathable. I’m talking, bury your face in it and you can still breathe, breathable. My husband was skeptical, but he was so impressed when it arrived, he now wants all our babies to sleep on this incredible mattress.

    As a first time mom, this alone provides me so much peace of mind and has let me get so much more rest by decreasing my stress and worries.

  2. It’s washable

    Not only is the mattress cover washable, the ENTIRE mattress itself is washable. You read that right. You can put the entire mattress core in the shower. How freaking awesome is that, mamas? If you already have a kiddo you know poop explosions are a real thing…

    Peed through a diaper? Poop everywhere? Spit up galore? No problems.
  3. It’s comfortable.

    I’ve seen a few crib mattresses through our travels and none of them come even close to the thickness of our NewtonBaby mattress. The company doesn’t use any foam, glue, or springs in their mattress design either. All wins in my book.

    I mean, compare this mattress to the thin pack and play mattresses. The difference speaks for itself. I know what I’d rather sleep on…

  4. It’s safe.

    It’s made of air and food grade polymer. According to their website the mattress is GreenGuard Gold Certified. This mattress gives me a such a wonderful sense of security.

The reason I had my baby girl sleeping in her crib so young was because I felt it was the safest place for her to sleep. The NewtonBaby crib mattress is that amazing.

Best Crib Mattress Ever, it's Breathable and Washable too!
Check out the thickness of this crib mattress!

I had originally intended to have her sleep in the pack and play as a newborn, but after receiving the mattress I could not imagine waiting to use it. The pack and play mattress just does not compare in any way.

Do you worry about your belly sleeper?

When she became a belly sleeper I was even happier with our choice knowing she can breathe through it if she ends up face down. The peace of mind every night is worth every single cent. 

100 night guarantee!

To top things off, NewtonBaby has an incredible 100 night guarantee. 100 nights! You can try the mattress in your own home. How awesome is that? I can also tell you this, one year later, our mattress still looks BRAND NEW! I’m beyond impressed.

The baby product I can’t live without.

Whenever my friends ask for the one baby product I can’t live without, this is it. This is the one I share with them. The crib mattress. And they are always surprised, but it’s easy to show them why.

Are you ready to give your baby an awesome mattress? Be sure to pin this for later and share it with your expecting mom friends!

Thank you for reading my NewtonBaby mattress review.


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    1. Yay, I’m so glad! I really can’t say enough good things about it and all the peace of mind it offered me as a nervous first time mama! And of course you can. We bought it from Wayfair, it’s called the Marley 3-in-1 convertible crib.

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