4 Habits for Happy Moms! Daily Routines that Will Change Your Life!

4 Game-Changing Habits for Happy Moms: the Daily Routines You Need in Your Life. 

There are 4 routines/habits every mom needs to confidently conquer her day. These are easy to implement routines that are sure to improve your mindset AND help you stay organized as a busy mom.

4 Habits For Happy Moms

Before we talk about the 4 habits for happy moms let’s first discuss:

What exactly is a routine?

It’s a series of actions regularly followed.

Nowhere in that definition are the words boring, strict, rigid… Routines get this bad reputation, when in fact they are insanely powerful.

Routines allow us to create habits that align with our goals and remove those habits that do not. 

Read that again. 

It helps you eliminate bad habits! How amazing is that?!

What are the other benefits of creating routines?

✔️ Eliminate bad habits.

✔️ Strengthen time management skills.

✔️ Heighten self-discipline.

✔️ Create sustainable habits.

✔️ Decrease stress.

✔️ Diminish procrastination. 

Wow! I can’t imagine a mom who doesn’t want ALL of those things.

Here’s an example:

Let me use meal planning to show you what that looks like as a real life example.

I used to avoid meal planning but I would spend so much time trying to figure out what to eat at every meal. Because I didn’t have a plan I was always at the grocery store, I had all these leftover ingredients and I hated the feeling of throwing out food. I knew something had to change.

I developed an easy-to-use system and now I meal plan every week in under 10 minutes. 10 minutes, friends. I literally don’t even think about it, it just happens as part of my Sunday routine. It has become a sustainable habit. I no longer stress about meals, even with a young daughter. It doesn’t take any motivation or will-power out of my day. I don’t procrastinate it, because it’s so simple. This has freed up so much time in my week to spend with my daughter and growing this blog! 

(Check out my meal planning system here & start meal planning for your family in under 10 minutes a week).

Ok, here are the 4 routines every mom needs in her life:

4 Game Changing Habits for Happy Moms: The Daily Routines You Need in Your Life

1. Having an empowering morning routine.

This one changed my life. How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. It seriously does. You can choose to start leaning into feelings of exhaustion and misery, or you can choose to start feeling grateful and energized.

I dive even deeper into developing your powerful morning routine in another blog post you can read by clicking here. Check it out if you haven’t already!

2. Setting up chore and meal planning routines.

Once you have these in place the mundane tasks are completed without you expending any willpower. They become easy habits! Just like you don’t think about brushing your teeth in the morning, you won’t think about throwing that laundry in the washer or taking out the trash. How amazing does that sound?

Grab a copy of my completely free, ultimate productive mama printable bundle to get free meal planning and chore planning templates! You can also grab a realistic cleaning schedule for busy moms in this post.

3. Having a positive self care routine.

You will be so much more productive in all areas of your life if you devote time to making sure you feel refueled. It is essential to look after your mental, physical and emotional self. There are loads of resources out there on self care ideas for busy moms. Many are completely free too! The most important thing is that you commit your time and energy to being present. No mom guilt allowed – otherwise you defeat the purpose! Treat yourself and make it about self LOVE, mama.

Find 15 quick self care ideas for busy moms here (bonus – you can do these at home)

4. Winding down with a relaxing evening routine.

Winding down and preparing for the next day will help you sleep better and decrease stress too. Just like you want to start your day on the right foot, you want to end it in a positive and relaxed state of mind too. A solid night’s rest is crucial for allowing for that solid morning routine we talked about above. You can’t expect to go to bed at 2am and wake up before your kids, after all…

Check out this post “How to Plan a Perfect Evening Routine for Moms” if you want to craft your own evening routine!

Let’s recap the 4 routines / habits for happy moms.

A happy mom starts her day by fueling herself through an empowering morning routine. This gives her more energy to care for her family! By creating routines for mundane chores, she creates these sustainable habits. These habits allow household tasks to be completed without feeling so draining. Happy moms also understand that self care is extremely important. We are more than just moms and have to look after our own needs too. Finally, she winds down and relaxes at the end of the day to set herself up for a good night of rest before tackling the next day!

Which routine is your favourite? Which are you going to implement next? Drop me a comment below and have a fabulous day, mama!


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  1. I love these tips! A routine does make a huge difference, but I definitely struggle to maintain one since my family’s needs tend to determine the schedule and it’s always changing with my husband’s work schedule and my growing toddler. Definitely going to try to take more control! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for such great tips. These are perfect and it’s definitely important to focus on self-care and winding down. And I love to have a clean kitchen after dinner🙊☺️

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