The Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers

The Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers: 20+ Toys for Fun, Imaginative Play!

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There is something so special about wooden toys! They are timeless, classic and encourage open-ended play. Not only are they FUN, but they are more environmentally friendly and durable too. I’m completely obsessed to say the least.

For even more benefits of wooden toys for toddlers, check out this article by Kinedu.

Today I’m rounding up some of the best wooden toys for toddlers! I’ve done a ton of research planning for this holiday season and I want to share it with you too.

Included you will find:

  • wooden games for toddlers
  • outdoor wooden toys for toddlers
  • educational wooden toys for toddlers
  • wooden stackable toys for toddlers
  • wooden musical toys for toddlers
  • wooden figurines for toddlers
  • & more!
Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers of All Ages

Please note that I’ve linked some small shops on Etsy as well as some bigger brands at both Target and Amazon. Happy shopping!

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The best musical wooden toys for toddlers:

Band in a box

You can’t go wrong with a musical instrument set! Endless fun for years. My 18 month old is completely obsessed with this Melissa and Doug set.

You can find it here (available on Amazon). They also make a deluxe version if you want even more instruments! Check it out here.

Musical Llama Toy

Musical Lili Llama Toy
Manhattan Toy Company

Get this charming, musical llama toy from the Manhattan Toy Company (direct) or buy it at Target. It has a maraca tail, a xylophone, spinners, gears, clacking saddle sides and 2 mallets. Plus, it’s super cute!

The Beats To Go

Beats to go instrument toy
Manhattan Toy Company

Another musical gem! This toy has a xylophone, drum, washboard, drumsticks, and a cymbal. Get this fun, musical toy at the Manhattan Toy Company.

Top stackable wooden toys for toddlers:

Rainbow Stackables

These rainbow stackables are all the rage – and for good reason! They also have rainbow colors available too.

Check it out here (available on Amazon).

ABC Alphabet Blocks

Toying Around

A classic & must have toy – alphabet blocks! These have letters on both sides and are perfect for stacking, building, & spelling. They also make great photo props.

You can score 10% off by entering “KINZY10” at checkout.

Click here to order (available on Etsy).

Personalized Moon and Stars Wooden Stackables

Wood and Yarn Toys

Maybe it’s because my daughter is named Stella, but I LOVE all things space. This stackable set is just too adorable and fun!

Order yours today by clicking here (available on Etsy).

Boom Shocka Locka Wooden Stacking Toy

Wooden stacking toy
Manhattan Toy Company

Get this cool set of stackables at the Manhattan Toy Company or buy it here from Target.

Wooden Stacking Train

A classic pull toy by Melissa and Doug with unlimited play potential!

Grab yours today by clicking here (available on Amazon).

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Awesome wooden games for toddlers:

Kids Bowling Set

Whiskey Rose Studio

How fun is this bowling toy?! It’s available in several color schemes and you can personalize the bowling ball if you choose! Such a fun gift idea.

Buy this toy by clicking here (available on Etsy).

Fishing & Bug Catching Game

You can’t go wrong with a magnetic fishing game! Melissa and Doug deliver with this bundle.

Get it here (available on Amazon).

Castle Block Set

Imagine the creations you your toddler could make with this amazing wooden castle block set?! Not to mention all the skills involved in this type of block play: fine motor, hand eye coordination, imagination, communication, independent play, and understanding size to name a few.

Buy it here (available on Amazon).

Fun wooden puzzles for toddlers:

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

TYU Wedding Gifts

Teach your toddler name recognition, spelling and motor skills with a charming personalized name puzzle!

Get yours today by clicking here (available on Etsy).

Snake Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


This handmade alphabet puzzle is sure to be a hit! Not only will it help teach your toddler letters, but it’s reversible with numbers on the other side too.

Handmade in the USA, you can purchase this puzzle by clicking here (available on Etsy).

Snail Pull Toy Sorting Puzzle


A super cute Montessori shapes and colors sorting toy for toddlers! They have multiple animals available too – including a turtle, fox, hedgehog & crocodile.

Check them out here (available on Etsy).

More amazing wooden toys for toddlers:

Wooden Railway Set

For the slightly older toddler and beyond, this is a timeless toy all kids tend to LOVE! This set includes 100 track sections and supports, and 30 train accessories.

Get yours today by clicking here (available on Amazon).

Wooden Camera Toy

Paci Catchers

This adorable wooden camera is perfect for toddlers who want to copy mom and dad and take pictures themselves! It’s available in multiple types of wood including walnut, maple, cherry & mahogany.

Handmade in the USA, you can purchase this camera by clicking here (available on Etsy).

Dachshund Pull Along Toy


This adorable pull toy is sure to please all the dog loving toddlers! They will love taking their puppy for a walk around the house.

This USA made toy is available right here (on Etsy).

Dinosaur Figurines

Arks and Animals

Do you have a toddler totally into dinosaurs? This set is for you!

Handmade in the USA, you can buy this set here (available on Etsy).

Wooden Forest Animal Set

RMS Toys

This animal figurine set is too sweet! They are made from beech wood and painted with non-toxic water based paints making them safe too.

Grab yours right here (available on Etsy).

Balance Bike

This toy is AMAZING and grows with your toddler! It starts as a tricycle and then turns into a balance bike once your toddler is a little older. Who doesn’t love a practical toy that lasts?!

Get yours right here (available on Amazon). You may also want to consider the balance bike stand for easy storage.

Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

How adorable is this?! This 28 piece ice cream station is sure to be a hit. If ice cream isn’t your jam, they also have a pizza counter and plenty of toy vegetable and fruit sets too.

Check out this ice cream counter here (available on Amazon).

Recap of the best wooden toys for toddlers

Wooden toys are amazing for imaginative, screen-free play! They are durable, eco-friendly and so diverse. Parents and toddlers alike will fall in love with these quality toys.

Happy shopping!

For even more great toy ideas be sure to check out this post on the best toys for 2-year-olds over at KinderSensation!

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Fun Wooden Toys for Toddlers


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