The Laundry Schedule That Will Change Your Life

The Laundry Schedule That Will Change Your Life! (+ free printable)

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Are you drowning in laundry?

Do you have endless piles of it scattered around your house?

Does it take you 34430953 business days to fold and put the laundry away?

I’ve been there. I know the feeling well.

You need a laundry schedule!

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I mean… how tiny little humans create so much laundry will always boggle my mind… Just yesterday my daughter went through 5 outfits. 5! That’s a work week’s worth of laundry….

If you are wondering how to stay on top of your laundry, you are in the right place! I’m here today to dish on the system I developed to tackle this obnoxious, annoying chore. It’s for you – whether you are a SAHM, WAHM, working mom or busy man/woman!

PS, a secret mama tip:

Create a system for any chore that drives you bonkers. When it becomes a habit you no longer have to expend energy wondering how to tackle it or stay on top of it. This means it will no longer be the vain of your existence!

By creating these habits, you essentially kill the feelings of overwhelm. It becomes like brushing your teeth… you will grab the toothpaste at the end of the day before you even realize what you are doing. That’s a win!

Ok, so what is this life-changing laundry schedule?

The secret to laundry success is this…


Yep. One load. If you consistently do just a single load of laundry 6/7 days of the week you will stay on top of this obnoxious chore. If extra laundry comes up you can throw in a second load, but this helps ensure you will never have to spend an entire weekend day just plowing through laundry!

To make it even easier on yourself, you can develop a schedule that works for your family. That way you never have to run around looking for which load of laundry you “should” do today.

My Daily Laundry Schedule:

laundry schedule PDF

You may have noticed my husband and I have separate laundry. This is because he is a giant… and can’t put most of his clothes in the dryer because if they shrink AT ALL they won’t fit. So he does his own laundry and hangs most of it to dry. If you aren’t doing your laundry separately from your partner, you might choose to use different days to separate whites from darks or colors.

Free Printable Laundry Schedule PDF

If you would like a printable version of this laundry schedule to set up for yourself, join my email list here and you’ll get access to my free printables library! You’ll find the free printable laundry schedule inside.

Next, form your laundry routine.

This is essential in sticking to this schedule!

You’ll want to establish a routine that works for you so that you no longer even think about it. It becomes a habit.

For example, you could throw a load in right after you turn on the coffee pot each day. I’m willing to bet you can then find a moment in the middle of the day to flip and laundry, and then you could fold and put it away before bed.

If you are a working mom you could throw the load in as soon as you get home. Then you can flip it after dinner, and put it away before bed.

The key is in the sequence. Start coffee, throw in laundry, drink coffee. Get home from work, throw in laundry, change out of work clothes. You want it to become automatic.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by laundry and get this laundry schedule pdf!

Let’s discuss some laundry schedule FAQ’s.

What is the best day to do laundry?

Every day is a good day to do laundry. One load a day is the secret to handling laundry overwhelm.

How do I get my laundry under control?

So you like the idea… but you have baskets of laundry waiting to be washed? Or maybe mountains of clothes that need to be put away?

It’s ok. Here’s how you handle this:

Establish your schedule. Do that load first. Then, tackle 1-2 more depending on what your schedule allows. After a few days you should be caught up and able to maintain your AMAZING new laundry schedule.

How many times a week should I do laundry?

This is totally dependent on how many people are in your family. Single busy woman? 2-3 (clothes, towels, sheets). Family of three? 4-5 would probably do it. Family of five or more? 7 may work best for you… or multiple loads on 1-2 days and you can still take a break day off. And if you have older kids… get them involved!!

How do I keep up with laundry if I work?

With this simple one load per day schedule! Your routine will just look a little different from a stay at home or work at home mom’s routine.

How can I involve the kids?

My 18 month old loves to pass me laundry. She hands me clothes and I put them away or fold them. Yes, it’s slow, but it get’s done and it’s an “activity” we do together.

Toddlers can help you sort laundry or pass you laundry to put away.

Young children can bring you their laundry basket.

Older children can bring you their basket, flip laundry and put their clothes away.

Teenagers can do it all!

What is your favorite laundry detergent?

I’m a big fan of Molly’s Suds! You can check it out here.

Ready to stop being overwhelmed by laundry?

Make a schedule and start implementing it today! Involve your kids, and delegate where possible. Stop buying clothes that need to be hung to dry. These simple steps make your life easier!

The free laundry schedule printable:

Grab your laundry schedule PDF by joining my email community right here.

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The family laundry system and family laundry schedule you need!

Have a fabulous day!


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