Spring Cleaning Checklist Printables

An Incredibly Useful Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist Bundle to Conquer Every Room (15 pages)!

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Are you ready to get your deep cleaning on this Spring? Or maybe it’s Fall, Winter or Summer… it doesn’t matter.

You’re in the right place!

This printable Spring cleaning checklist bundle will keep your organized and get your entire house in tip-top shape!

No more aimless, random cleaning for you. With this Spring cleaning checklist PDF you have a targeted plan for every room.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

What’s inside the printable Spring cleaning checklist bundle?

Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Inside this 15-page bundle you’ll find:

  • Cover page
  • This checklist belongs to _______
  • Entryway checklist
  • Kitchen checklist
  • Bathrooms checklist
  • Bedrooms checklist
  • Living room checklist
  • Dining room checklist
  • Home office checklist
  • Laundry area checklist
  • Basement/garage checklist
  • Playroom checklist
  • Entire house checklist
  • Blank checklist for any additional rooms or to customize specific rooms as you please
  • Blank cleaning schedule for you to set a plan you can stick to!

This Spring cleaning checklist PDF comes in a pretty pink floral design. It can be printed, but you can absolutely use it digitally too!

A free printable Spring cleaning checklist for your Kitchen

Free printable spring cleaning checklist

Because I know you’ll LOVE these checklists, I’m giving you the printable Spring cleaning checklist for your kitchen completely free.

You can grab it right here & get started anytime!

Room by room deep cleaning checklists:

Deep Cleaning


Entryway Spring Cleaning Checklist PDF

A major drop zone for clutter, you first want to make sure everything has a dedicated spot!


  • declutter & organize closet
  • wipe down furniture
  • clean sliding door tracks
  • scrub porch (ceiling, floor & walls)
  • scrub & reseal tile grout
  • clean doormat
  • clean interior rugs
  • organize shoes
  • swap Fall and Winter outerwear for Spring & Summer


Kitchen Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

One of the bigger jobs as it tends to be a highly trafficked area in the house.


  • clean out fridge & freezer
  • clean top of fridge
  • clean oven & oven vent
  • clean microwave (inside & out)
  • remove and clean stove burners and knobs
  • clean dishwasher (inside & out)
  • clean out and wipe down drawers and cupboards
  • declutter spices and reorganize
  • clean counters
  • clean out and organize pantry
  • wash cabinets
  • scrub sink & faucet
  • clean other appliances
  • wipe down backsplash
  • replace old sponges
  • wash pot holders
  • wash curtains
  • scrub drying rack
  • organize under the sink
  • organize cleaning supplies


Bathrooms Spring Cleaning Checklist PDF

A spotless bathroom is a ton of work, but it’s oh so satisfying in the end!


  • wash rugs
  • wash shower curtain
  • scrub tub, shower & toilet
  • replace shower curtain liner
  • clean trash bin
  • wash counters
  • clean mirror
  • scrub sink
  • clean and maintain drains
  • clean soap dispenser
  • clean toothbrush holder
  • wipe down cabinets
  • organize cabinets & drawers
  • discard expired and unused products
  • scrub walls & floors
  • scrub and reseal tile grout
  • replace old towels, wash clothes & loofahs
  • restock paper products
  • organize cleaning supplies


Bedrooms Spring Cleaning by Room Printable

Who else is guilty of forgetting to clean under the beds?!


  • change sheets
  • vacuum mattress
  • change filters in air vents
  • dust all surfaces
  • wash sheets, blankets & pillows
  • vacuum curtains
  • wash rugs, curtains & blinds
  • dust all decor
  • clean out and organize closets & dressers
  • donate/toss unwanted and old clothes & items
  • wipe down tops of dressers & stands
  • organize nightstands
  • disinfect knobs & light switches
  • wipe down furniture
  • clean lamps
  • vacuum under bed
  • organize clutter

Living room

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist by Room Printable

Another highly trafficked area of your house that needs attention!


  • dust and wipe down shelves & furniture
  • dust and wipe down decor, mirrors & art
  • clean upholstered furniture & cushions
  • clean underneath couches and furniture
  • wash pillows & blankets
  • clean fireplace & get chimney serviced
  • polish furniture as needed
  • dust and wipe down electronics
  • clean and sanitize remote controls
  • declutter

Dining room

Dining Room Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

Anywhere food is involved can get messy, especially if you have small children. IFKYK!


  • wash table linens
  • wash curtains
  • replace old tablecloths
  • wipe down table & chairs
  • clean upholstered cushions
  • wipe down cabinets
  • declutter

Home office

Home Office Deep Cleaning Printable Checklist

An organized office is essential for minimizing stress and skyrocketing your productivity.


  • clean and organize drawers & desk
  • throw away old files
  • recycle paperwork
  • dust and wipe down keyboards and screens
  • dust and wipe down electronics
  • sanitize keyboard & mouse
  • dust and wipe down bookshelves and furniture
  • vacuum upholstered furniture and cushions
  • wash curtains

Laundry room/area

Laundry Area Deep Cleaning Checklist PDF

One of the smaller spaces to tackle and often a great place to start! Starting with a small room gets you feeling motivated and seeing quick results.


  • wipe down exterior of the washer and dryer
  • clean lint trap and vent
  • clean inside washing machine
  • wipe down shelves and cabinets
  • discard old products

Basement and garage

Basement/Garage Deep Cleaning Checklist PDF

Is this the most overwhelming one for anyone else? But it’s soooo worth staying on top of to have an organized, clean space.


  • declutter and reorganize storage bins
  • organize toys and outdoor equipment
  • organize and donate unused items
  • wipe down shelves
  • sweep
  • reorganize tools
  • remove unnecessary or unused items
  • clean garage door opener
  • clean interior and exterior of garage door and frame
  • disinfect door knobs


Playroom Spring Cleaning Checklist PDF

Kids come with clutter and toys galore… time to conquer the chaos!


  • santizie plastic toys with soap and water
  • wash stuffed animals and other washable soft toys
  • donate unused toys
  • organize toys and play areas
  • sanitize hard surfaces
  • dust and wipe down shelves and drawers
  • vacuum underneath tables
  • wash rugs
  • declutter

Entire house

Entire House Spring Cleaning Checklist PDF

Last but not least… tasks all around the house!


  • clean baseboards and walls
  • touch up paint on walls
  • sweep, mop & vacuum
  • spackle any holes
  • spot clean carpets
  • check and discard expired products in emergency kit (and replace them)
  • clean light fixtures and fan blades
  • replace bulbs as needed
  • wipe down doors and sanitize knobs
  • clean windows, blinds & sills
  • clean window tracks
  • change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • check expiration date on fire extinguishers
  • sweep porch and back deck
  • wash outside windows
  • vacuum vent covers
  • change furnace filters
  • check roof for damage and repairs

PHEW. We made it. Deep cleaning is work, but once it’s done, and you keep it up with a regular cleaning schedule it’s really not so unbearable!

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Happy cleaning!


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