10 Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers

10 Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers: Things They Will Love and Use!

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You are likely here because you have a friend or family member expecting a baby and you aren’t quite sure what kind of gift to buy them!

You want it to treat the mom to be to a little special something, right?

Well I sure am glad you found my blog. Welcome to Coffee With Kinzy! I can’t wait to share these pregnancy gift ideas with you.

Before I had a baby I had no idea what to get my pregnant friend’s either…

All I knew is I wanted to get them a gift to make them feel special. I wanted it to be both heart-warming AND useful.

I’ve put together this list of practical and thoughtful pregnancy gift ideas that are perfect for the expecting women in your life.

These are things that can be used throughout their pregnancy and are sure to spoil/pamper the mom to be!

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It’s important to note there are many restrictions during pregnancy on what you can and cannot eat or even put on your skin. I’ve stayed away from any and all food/skincare/topical gift ideas because every woman is going to feel differently about what she chooses to put in and on her body during pregnancy.

Alright, let’s get to the goods!

10 Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers:

1. Massage Roller Balls

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body… and particularly on your back. These massage ball rollers are amazing because they make it super easy on your partner to give you a nice back massage. I still use these all the time, so they are a practical gift that lasts long past pregnancy!

2. Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Along the same lines, this is another back pain relief must-have. As an added bonus this particular heating pad smells like lavender and peppermint – so you get a little aromatherapy too. There are plenty of unscented options too. She may be sensitive to certain smells during pregnancy, after-all.

Now that my daughter is getting bigger (she’s one!), some of my back problems have started to come back. I’ve been using this daily for relief, so it goes to show this can be another gift that lasts way past her pregnant days!

3. A Pregnancy Pillow

These U and C-shaped pillows are AMAZING! They give you back, belly and leg support. This particular U shaped pillow has a washable cover. It lasted my entire pregnancy and the cat has taken it over for now. I will definitely be stealing it back from him when I get pregnant again…

4. Stretchy Leggings

Get the mama to be in your life a pair of these comfy leggings!! I was so skeptical of the whole one size thing, but these are the softest, stretchiest leggings, and they grew with me throughout my entire pregnancy. I lived in them. They aren’t see through, and they are super cozy. Honestly, these would be great for any woman in your life 😉

5. A Soda Stream

Gone are the days of drinking wine, coffee, and most teas. I got bored with plain water, really fast and started to love having sparkling water for a treat! A soda stream like this one would make a great gift. Now that I think about it, another idea could be a fruit diffuser water bottle or pitcher…

6. A Robe

Robes are the perfect gift. They can be used during pregnancy, at the hospital and are perfect for nursing afterwards too. I would recommend buying one on the lighter side, however, as pregnancy tends to make women run hot.

7. Slippers

Some cozy wool slippers would be a fabulous gift too. Are you sensing a make the mom to be comfortable theme here? These are on my wish list for my next pregnancy.

8. A Yeti Cup

This Yeti mug gift is particular golden for after the little bundle of joy makes his/her debut because it will keep the mom to be’s coffee hot! She will be so thankful for that. Trust me, hot coffee is a luxury. It will still be appreciated during pregnancy too for keeping any beverages at their desired temperature.

9. A Necklace

A really sweet gift idea would be to go out and purchase a beautiful chain that the expecting mom can wear her wedding rings on. Often times fingers swell up and our rings become uncomfortable, but we still want to have them on us.

10. A Pregnancy Journal

A cute journal like this one will make a great gift for your pregnant friend as she can document her pregnancy. This is sure to be a great memory to look back on!

That’s a wrap. Thank you for checking out my list of 10 gift ideas for expecting mothers!


6 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers: Things They Will Love and Use!”

  1. Wow these are so unique and cool ideas! I wouldn’t have even thought about most of these for myself let alone others. The pregnancy journal is a huge one though! I love that idea!

  2. My sister in-law is currently pregnant. So, this is perfect! I’ve been debating on what to get her ill definitely use one of your suggestions.

  3. I love the idea of the pregnancy journal! I had one throughout my pregnancy and filled it out religiously – I’m so glad I did because those are details that you may forget, but you don’t want to ever forget! Such a great list! 🙂

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