My Simple Tips & Tricks for Registering for Your First Baby Shower

First of all, if you are reading this and you are expecting, congratulations! It is the most incredible thing to welcome a baby into this world.

Registering for a new baby as a first time mama can be super overwhelming. Of course it’s also quite fun to pick out little outfits, blankets and teddy bears but there are literally thousands of baby products out there to filter through.

My Hospital Birth Story

Today I want to share with you my birth story for my first baby, an 8 pound 3 oz girl who is super tall like her daddy. My experience was by no means the easiest nor was it the most traumatic – it was just exactly that, MY experience. After some debate, I did choose to go the hospital route. I love the idea of birth centres and home births, but I realized I am too paranoid and decided I wanted a medical team accessible should anything go wrong. You do you, mama […]

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