10 Fabulously Functional Bullet Journal Page Ideas for December

10 Fabulously Functional Bullet Journal Ideas for December!

Hey friends! You all know I looooooove my Bullet Journal and it comes in super handy for the holidays. I’m here today to give you 10 fun Bullet Journal ideas for December! If you aren’t already Bullet Journaling go check out my post here on how to get started ASAP!

Here we go, my top 10 Bullet Journal Ideas for December:

1. Gift Budget & Tracker

Right off the bat, I’m giving you the #1 spread you NEED for the holidays. Print your personal budget at the top and track those purchases, mamas! This will keep you accountable and on track to not overspend like crazy this holiday season. I know from experience, it’s too easy to get carried away!

2. Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Family

This one involves starting a page with everyone you are shopping for this holiday season and jotting down any awesome gift ideas that come to mind. This will come in super handy as you start your shopping – whether that be at the mall or online. I personally love the giving aspect of the holidays – it’s fun to find treasures that will make those close to you smile.

bullet journal ideas for December

3. Wish List

Have fun with this page – it’s just a list of things that make you happy. I like to split this into NEEDS and WANTS. Some people love to gift practical things while others prefer to gift those treat or splurge items. Either way, you’ll be ready to go when your Mom calls asking for some gift ideas!

bullet journal wish list and festive quotes pages

4. Festive Quotes

There is just something so empowering about beautiful and wise words, isn’t there? Quotes have the power to lift your spirit and change your mindset. The holiday season is full of inspiring quotes and it’s a lot of fun to see them as you flip through your BuJo.

5. Holiday Traditions

Jot ’em down every time your friend mentions a fun one, you see a Facebook event or an idea just pops into your head! I do this and then sit down with my hubby to choose which ones fit OUR family!

Woohoo, you’ve made it half way through my Bullet Journal Ideas for December!

6. Christmas Countdown

I promise it’s oh so satisfying to colour in the days as Christmas approaches! This one is just pure fun!

bullet journal Christmas countdown and holiday bucket list

7. New Year Countdown

If you had fun counting down to Christmas, continue it on by counting down to the new year. While I love to make goals year round, there is still something so satisfying about a fresh, new year!

8. Packing List

Mama, if you are traveling for the holidays do yourself a favour and start this one. I can’t count the number of times I think throughout the month “oh, don’t forget to pack ____ for baby S!”. I can only imagine how many of these items I would forget if I didn’t jot them down…

bullet journal holiday playlist page

9. Holiday Playlist

Write down your favourite holiday tunes and make a playlist for the family! I love how we go from indie rock to Christmas tunes in December. It’s a nice break from our regular playlists.

Last, but not at all the least:

10. December Bucket List

Who doesn’t love bucket lists? There are so many activities, parties & events in December. As a family we love to jot down our MUST DO activities for the month. It’s all about making lasting family memories!

Happy December, Friends!

So there you have it. 10 festive BuJo spreads to fill up your Bullet Journal for December.

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