7 things productive moms do every single day

7 Things Productive Moms Do Every Single Day To Get More Done at Home

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Ok, you got me. Not every single day.

Come on now.

We have to be realistic. There is hardly anything as unpredictable as babies and toddlers. You never actually know when they are going to wake up after all… and no day is ever the same.

But let’s get to it – 7 strategies to setting yourself up to get more done at home each day!

7 Things Productive Moms Do to Get More Done at Home

Wake up before the kids.

Which sounds better?

Waking up peacefully, drinking a glass of water and running through a quick morning routine to set the tone for your entire day…


Having a toddler smack you in the face and scream I’m hungry?

I know which one sounds better to me.

I also know there is a season with young babies where this isn’t possible. And that’s OK mama, if you are there, just soak in all those baby snuggles because babies don’t keep!

Now, not only does this give you the chance to work on your mindset for the day, you also have some extra quiet time to focus and get a few things done too. That’s a win!

Create a quick morning routine.

Hear me out. I know you are here because you desire to know how to get more done at home, not because you want to add more to your daily to-do list.

Having routines is extremely valuable because these routines become habits, and then they don’t require as much energy or thought – leaving you more of each of those for tackling what is truly important to you throughout the day.

Think about it. You know you need to brush your teeth twice a day. I’m betting you hardly even think about it, your body just points itself towards the bathroom when it’s time. Am I right?

Devise a quick morning routine to set yourself up for success throughout the day. And make your bed! It takes 30 seconds and it’ll leave you feeling instantly productive. Plus, future you will thank you when she gets to crawl into a freshly made bed at the end of a long day.

For more tips on creating an empowering morning routine to kick start your day, visit this blog post!

Clean one section of the house.

Get in the habit of cleaning small amounts daily. It’s so much more manageable than waiting for things to get grimy and having to work so much harder at it!

I mean, just think about scrubbing mold off shower tiles versus wiping them down a couple of times a week. This is an extreme example… but it gets my point across.

Free Chore Planner

I’m a schedule loving, calendar making mama so you know I have a cleaning schedule. You can grab mine in this blog post and adapt it to your house if you’d like to get started today.

The best part about having daily cleaning tasks is that if you miss a day you can easily catch up because none of it takes that long…

And don’t be afraid to delegate chores! Kids are very capable and so are partners. Even freeing yourself from one or two tasks can give you some valuable extra time you can spend elsewhere.

Tidy the kitchen after meals.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above. If you tidy the kitchen up after every meal you have at home, it remains in a much nicer state and you won’t have to spend hours at the end of the day trying to reset it…

Indulge in self care.

I don’t mean going to get an hour-long massage or an expensive facial (although those are great too!).

You need to look after yourself each day, so that you have energy to get your to-do’s done! It’s totally worth sparing a few minutes to drink coffee on the porch or read a chapter of a book if it prevents mom burnout.

For more intentional self-care ideas click here!

Set 3 intentions for the day.

I like to call them intentions because it sounds nicer than to-do’s, but that’s essentially what they are.

Pick 3 things you absolutely want to crush for the day. This provides you FOCUS. When you find yourself with time to work you will immediately work on one of these until they are all crossed off.

Why does this work? Because you won’t waste time thinking:

“oh I should go clean the kitchen”
“but the bathroom is dirty too”
“I really need to send those emails”

Our minds are crazy places. I get it. We are managing ourselves, our children and our homes.

By setting three intentions you know where to put your energy throughout the day. These three things will make you feel SO accomplished when you’ve completed them, and then after that you can feel free to tackle any extras!

Pin me for future reference & to spread the love!

How to get more done at home

Delegate & let go of what isn’t truly important.

There are only 24 hours in a day. We can only do so much.

Ask for help when you need it.

Let your kids and partners handle some chores.

Prioritize what’s important to you in this season of life!

Did you grab my free planner printable set?

Final thoughts about how to get more done at home.

I’m sure you’ve heard before everyone has the same 24 hours. Celebrities, athletes, CEO’s, you, me.

By implementing systems and routines you can stay on top of chores and the more mundane tasks at home. This also frees up more time for you to spend with your loved ones and on things that matter to you!


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5 thoughts on “7 Things Productive Moms Do Every Single Day To Get More Done at Home”

  1. I always need to have a clean kitchen, especially in the am! Waking up to a gross mess just stresses me out and puts me in a bad mood. No way to start a morning!

  2. These are always such great reminders. I struggle with waking up before the kids because they are still toddlers who hate sleeping haha. I do love the mornings that it works out!

  3. Waking up before the kids works for me. Otherwise I am just a bad planner. Your tips are too good. Will try them out. Thanks

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