How to be less lazy as a mom: 10 tips and tricks

How To Be Less Lazy As A Mom: 10 Tips & Tricks

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Are you looking to overcome laziness as a mom? Or perhaps to prevent becoming a victim to it? Today I’m sharing 10 top tips on how to be less lazy as a mom!

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These tips are for those of you in a stay at home mom rut (not for you busy mamas who just need a break to breathe!).

What does being lazy even mean? According to Oxford Languages it means “unwilling to work or use energy”.

When I became a new stay at home mom, I initially found myself falling into a lazy rut. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, as someone who prides themselves on time management and who genuinely enjoys having things to do! I simply did not understand how to manage day after day at home. The loss of a commute and the structure of a Monday to Friday 9-5 job just totally threw me for a loop.

When you leave a traditional job behind and start spending the majority of your time at home, it can make it feel like there’s always more “time” to get to whatever it is you are procrastinating done. You know you are at home all day every day, so sometimes you start asking yourself why even bother doing X now? This procrastination can then lead to boredom and laziness.

So let’s break out of this rut, shall we?

10 tips on how to stop being a lazy stay at home mom

10 Ways to Stop Being A Lazy Stay At Home Mom infographic

Wake up earlier than your kids
Have an empowering morning routine
Create a chore schedule to stay ahead of the mess
Teach your kids to help with chores
Make time for self-care
Find a hobby you enjoy
Get outside and enjoy fresh air
Find an exercise routine that works for you
Fuel your body with nutritious foods
Stay hydrated: drink all the water!

My advice to you is to start slowly. Add one new habit and master it, and then consider the next. It’s nearly impossible to change your whole lifestyle in one fell swoop. Before you know it, you’ll have a completely new routine that you love and thrive in!

Wake up earlier than your kids

I’m not talking 3 hours earlier like some gurus suggest… As a fellow mom and sleep lover, I know you need your beauty sleep too! Having a little time to yourself before the busyness begins can really do wonders for you!

Try getting up even half an hour earlier than your kiddos. Enjoy your coffee and do something for yourself to start your day off right. This trick helps fuel productivity as you simply cannot pour from an empty cup. You will be more patient and happier as a mom when you take care of yourself first!

Have an empowering morning routine

how to create an empowering morning routine

Now that you are waking up before the kiddos it’s time to create a morning routine that empowers you. It can be flexible – I don’t know many moms whose kids wake up at the same time every day after all.

Some days my morning routine is 15 minutes, other days it’s an hour. When you have a list of ideas and activities to pull from you spend your time wisely!

I’m a fan of incorporating activities that serve these 3 purposes into your morning routine:

  1. Awaken your mind
  2. Nourish your body
  3. Nurture your soul

For examples and details check out this in depth guide: How To Create an Empowering Morning Routine.

It walks you through how to build a better morning for YOU!

Create a chore schedule to say ahead of the mess

Have you ever noticed if you wait until your stove top is filthy it’s 1000 times harder to clean than if you quickly wipe it down at the end of the day? I have. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. I kick myself every time because I know better.

Well, the same applies to almost every household chore.

By creating a chore schedule you can clean for a fraction of the time and stay ahead of the truly dirty work. It’s game-changing!

Printable Chore Schedule For Busy Moms

In this article I share a realistic cleaning schedule for busy moms. Check it out!

Teach your kids to help with chores

On the chore note… get your kids involved! The younger the better. My toddler loves nothing more than emptying the dishwasher. She will literally run across the house to help me… and at 22 months old she knows where almost everything goes! (PS – we don’t put knives or anything sharp in the dishwasher…)

Having a family chore schedule can help a lot. This way, everyone knows their responsibilities. You may have to supervise and help initially, but this will totally pay off. Even toddlers are capable of starting to learn chores.

Make time for self-care

Self care for moms

A happy mom makes for happy kids! It is absolutely essential to look after yourself so that you can be the best mom possible.

This doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive spa days. But taking a few minutes every day to do something that makes you HAPPY… is required (or should be!). For me, my nonnegotiable daily self-care items are a morning workout, a hot cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon and a quiet, uninterrupted shower before bed.

Make a list of all the little things that genuinely bring you joy and schedule in a few every day. They can change, or be the same, whatever tickles your fancy.

Self-care isn’t selfish. Don’t feel guilty about taking a few minutes for yourself! Leave that mom-guilt behind.

Looking for easy at-home self-care ideas? Read this post!

Find a hobby you enjoy

This could almost fall under self-care, but I thought it deserved a section of its own. Having something of your own is crucial! Hobbies keep you learning and your mind stimulated.

These can be things you do with your kids or completely on your own. There are a gazillion things you can get into – from crafting to music and photography to gardening.

Here are 44 brilliant hobbies for moms (from Erica of the Life on Purpose Movement). These are all hobbies you can do while home with babies & toddlers!

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air

We all know fresh air has countless benefits for our health (mental & physical). It can be a lot of work to bundle up and get the kids out the door, but it’s worth it!

Sunshine is food for the soul. It’s a natural mood booster. And, the icing on the cake, getting outside means your kids get messy outside and leave your house alone for a few mins! Woohoo!

Find an exercise routine that works for you

Exercising Mom

I know exercise is a tricky topic, but it’s so important for your health to move your body. There are countless ways to exercise out there, plenty of which are free too. It’s important to find something you genuinely enjoy so that you can stick with it.

A few ideas include yoga, pilates, zoomba, barre, boxing, kick-boxing, weight-lifting, biking, running, and elliptical workouts. Depending on what equipment you have available, or are willing to purchase, there is a huge variety in workouts you can do at home.

If you were someone who enjoyed fitness classes before having small kids, consider joining (or running!) an accountability group. It can provide that comradery that comes with exercising in a group setting.

If you love to exercise outdoors, try a stroller workout class or a mommy and me class at a nearby park.

If you love to work out privately, find an online program you can do in the comfort of your home. You-tube has plenty of free videos, and there are a ton of fitness apps too.

If you are struggling to figure out how to fit a workout in within your day, this post is for you.

Fuel your body with nutritious foods

I don’t think there’s any denying that when you eat healthy foods you feel better. It’s the truth.

Meal planning is pretty much the best mom hack ever, and totally helps with staying on track with nutrition. When you have healthy food for the week already in the house, you are way less likely to stray from your plan.

Click here to learn how to meal plan in just a few minutes per week. It’s game-changing!

Please note, I’m not here to dive deep into difficult food relationships as it’s not my area of expertise. If you struggle with your relationship with food, reach out for help (whether in your community or online). There are so many amazing programs out there that can change your life!

Stay hydrated: drink all the water

Staying hydrated goes hand in hand with eating well. The two have dramatic effects on your health and well-being.

Drinking water comes naturally to some, while to others it’s more of a struggle. Honestly, I fall in the latter category. Some tips I’ve discovered that help me keep up my fluid intake are:

  • having a water bottle around at all times & taking it on the go
  • drinking naturally decaffeinated tea to switch things up
  • knowing I need to drink X cups of water before lunch, and X cups after to meet my goal (to spread out the water intake appropriately over the whole day)
  • using a habit tracker
  • setting reminders on busy days (a quick buzz of my watch!)

Do you have any tips to share? Drop a comment below!

Recap of how to stop being a lazy stay at home mom

How to Stop Being a Lazy Stay At Home Mom

It’s really about looking after YOU to fuel your motivation and productivity, and prevent procrastination and laziness. I hope you enjoyed these 10 tips!


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