Morning Routine For Moms

How to Create a Realistic Morning Routine for Moms: 3 Steps to Kickstart Your Day!

Take yourself from chaos & crazy to conquering your day by creating a productive morning routine using the three main components below.

Morning routines are a hot topic. I’m here to tell you it’s for a reason, mamas. How you choose to start out first thing in the morning sets the tone for the remainder of your day! So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about creating a positive morning routine for you!

Here we go, how to create a realistic morning routine for moms:

First, stop the scroll.

I’m sure you saw that coming.

I’ll admit when my maternity leave started and I was still pregnant I fell into a habit of waking up and spending an hour (or more!) scrolling through social media while groggily drinking a cup of coffee.

Before kids my morning routine consisted of jumping out of bed as soon as my alarm went off, stumbling to the coffee maker and then journaling or reading before heading off to work. Not the most powerful, but it was something.

Once my leave started, I guess I had more “free time” than ever before since I wasn’t working and my daughter had not yet made her entrance. For some reason I completely abandoned having a positive and productive morning routine.

After I gave birth I found I was lacking in energy, losing myself in the comparison rabbit hole of social media and feeling utterly unmotivated to tackle the day. Something had to give.

I was leaning into feelings of exhaustion, grogginess and lack of motivation. And that is not me! I was having such a hard time snapping out of these negative feelings and felt like I could no longer conquer my day. That was until it all clicked back into place when I unpacked a book I read a few years ago that changed my life and started my journey in personal development. It’s called “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. My husband got it when he was in business school but I’ll read anything and everything so I went through it too. If you are interested in learning more you can check it out here.

Anyways, I realized I needed to start my day in a more positive mindset. For the last few months I’ve been trying out new morning routines and I realized there is a common denominator to those that have been the most successful! I’m going to spill the beans on the 3 essential components to building a simple and powerful morning routine that can work for EVERY busy mom!

Realistic Morning Routine For Moms

But first, let me say this. It’s unlikely we will have the exact same morning routine, mama. After-all, we are unique individuals and our routines need to conform to our lifestyle. We all have different priorities and different amounts of time we can dedicate to ourselves. Follow this template to create the perfect morning routine for YOU!

Cater to your mind, body & soul.

That alone is the secret to a successful morning routine for moms. Find one thing to nourish each of your MIND, BODY & SOUL.

It’s that simple, friends.

Awaken Your Mind

This is always my favourite part. I’m a sucker for journaling and reading personal development books. I like to plan out my day, look at my vision board and dream BIG!

Other examples could include:

  • creating a schedule
  • thinking about what you want to accomplish in your day
  • writing in a gratitude journal
  • doing an art project
  • playing an instrument.

You can lean into your passions here!

Nourish Your Body

Do at least one thing for your physical health every single day. Whether that is working out, stretching or otherwise moving your body. It could also be drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning or having a delicious fruit & veggie smoothie.

Nurture Your Soul

This might be through meditation or prayer. It could be through intentional breathing or specific music. It might be through repeating mantras or writing in a journal.

Now that I’ve given you a bunch of examples, let’s get this straight.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy and long.

You don’t have to do ALL the things.

Mamas, you might not have 30 minutes to read every morning… but you might have 10 minutes to read a chapter of a personal development book.

Mamas, you might not have an hour to do a total body workout… but you might have 20 minutes to move your body, 10 minutes to stretch or 2 minutes to drink that glass of water.

And mamas, you probably don’t have a lot of silent time to dive into your soul… but you probably can find a few minutes to meditate or repeat your mantras.

Routines Are Flexible

Your morning routine can and should be flexible. It’s OK if it is longer one day than the next. If the kids wake up earlier than expected, are sick or otherwise need you that is OK. Give yourself grace and pick up where you left off tomorrow. Don’t throw in the towel because it didn’t work ONE TIME. Routines are simply not that rigid.

If you made it this far, WOOHOO! Now you can see a productive morning routine will set you up for success in the rest of your day.

Have fun transforming you morning and be sure to let me know your favourite part of your morning routine by leaving a comment below!


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8 thoughts on “How to Create a Realistic Morning Routine for Moms: 3 Steps to Kickstart Your Day!”

  1. Never thought that the reason for my lack of motivation was due to ‘the scroll’! I’ll work in these templates for myself and also determine my best routine! Thanks for the tips.

    1. I mean don’t get me wrong I do my fair share of scrolling too… I just find it makes a big difference for it not to be the first thing I do in the morning! My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Totally agree about what a time suck scrolling can be! When you think of all the things you can do with an hour, it’s important to make those minutes count! For myself, as a mom of 4 boys, I’ve found it really helps me if I get up before they do. If I can at least have enough time to open my eyes, do my Bible reading, and perhaps grab a cup of coffee before having to ‘mom’ it makes a huge difference.

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