Promptly Journals Review

Promptly Journals Review: a Neutral & Pretty Dot Grid Journal

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If you’ve visited here before, you know I’m a huge fan of bullet journaling. This year I decided to try Promptly Journal’s CREATE dot grid journal. Today I’m going to dive deep on all my thoughts: good, bad & otherwise.

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First I want to share a little about the benefits of a dot grid journal. Feel free to skip ahead to my promptly journals review below if you are already familiar!

What is a dot grid journal?

Grid Journal

As the name suggests, a dot grid journal is a journal with faint dots arranged in a grid. This allows for greater flexibility than a traditional lined journal. You can doodle and draw to your heart’s content without ending up with dark lines obstructing your creations. The grid is functional for designing various shapes and outlines, and you can easily use the dots to keep your writing in line as well.

What are dot grid journals used for?

Bullet Journal Dot Grid Journal

Dot grid journals are extremely multi-functional. Creatives love to use them for doodles, sketches, calligraphy & more. Many, myself included, use a dot grid journal as a planner (à la bullet journaling, which you can read about here). You can also use them as a traditional journal, manifestation journal, mini scrapbook, dream journal or any combination of the above!

Introducing the Promptly Journals Create dot grid journal.

A neutral and pretty dot grid journal

For 2021 I chose to purchase the Promptly Journals Create dot grid notebook. I fell in love with the beautiful linen cover and simple design. The size is perfect and portable (8.5″x6″), and still has 160 pages! It’s absolutely perfect and makes a very pretty bullet journal.

Pros of the Promptly Journals Create journal:

The Promptly Journals Create journal is beautiful, sleek and functional. It’s the perfect size (8.5″x6″) – easy to take with you if you are on the go but large enough to house your beautiful creations.

Promptly Journals Review A Pretty Bullet Journal Dot Grid Journal

I love the selection of stunning neutral colors. So often dot grid journals just come in black and brown. The packaging is sleek and pretty too.

The use of linen for the hardbound cover is a nice touch. It’s different and elegant.

Delivery was prompt! I received it just a couple of days after ordering.

Lastly, there’s just something to be said about purchasing your journal from a company that truly understands the benefits of journaling! If you spend a few minutes exploring their site you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m 100% satisfied with my Promptly Journals purchase and I know I will be a repeat customer in the years to come – whether for myself or for gifts for my friends and family!

Cons of the Promptly Journals Create journal:

So far I don’t see much in the way of cons, but there are a couple of things to consider depending on your personal preferences:

  • No elastic closure
  • No pocket flap
  • No pen attachment
  • Moderate price point

If you are looking specifically for a journal with an elastic closure, then this may not be the one for you. If it’s the only thing deterring you, you can buy an elastic closure separately on Amazon.

I’ve had journals both with and without and, personally, it doesn’t bother me. I do appreciate how having one keeps my toddler from getting her hands on the pages inside… but it’s not a deal breaker.

My previous journal had a pocket flap where I stored a ruler and a pen attachment, so I always had my basic black pen with it. Not having either of these isn’t really an issue because I have a small pencil case I take with it anyways. However, this is something to consider if you prefer not to carry those things separately.

The Promptly Journals Create journal is moderately priced. I’ve purchased more expensive as well as cheaper dot grid journals in the past. I really enjoy the quality for the price of the Promptly Journals Create dot grid notebook. I’ll report back after a year of using it to share how it’s held up, but it feels very sturdy.

More fantastic journals by Promptly Journals

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Recap of this Promptly Journals review

I’m OBSESSED with my new dot grid journal. It’s beautiful, sleek and absolutely perfect for my 2021 bullet journal. I have no doubt I’ll be a repeat customer in the years to come – whether I’m buying for myself or for friends and family.

Check out their gorgeous selection of journals here and don’t forget to enter KINZY15 for 15% off!

Happy journaling!


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