Unique Vintage Baby Boy Names

55 Vintage Baby Boy Names that are Timeless & Cool!

A List of Timeless Vintage Baby Boy Names You’ll Love

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Do you find yourself attracted to vintage baby boy names? Are you looking for something timeless and strong, but also cool enough for today’s world? Perhaps you want something not too common but also not completely out of this world?

You’re in the right spot. These are some of the charming vintage boy names we came across in our personal baby name search. They are strong, sweet and perfect choices for a squishy new baby.

I came to have this list of vintage baby names because I love the surprise factor in finding out gender at birth. This means we’ve always had to come up with 2 names for each pregnancy. I’ve done quite a lot of name research!

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Ok, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

55 Unique Vintage Baby Boy Names

Unique Vintage Baby Boy Names (& Nicknames) You’ll Love

Alexander – Alex, Xander


Archer – Archie

Arthur – Art, Artie

Atticus – Atta, Atti

Benedict – Ben

Benjamin – Ben, Benny

Byron – Ronnie, Byn

Calvin – Cal, Vinnie


Charles – Charlie

Chester – Chet



Clifford – Cliff, Ford

Conrad – Cort

Elliot – Eli, Lio






Francis – Frank, Frankie, Franz



Isaac – Ike

James – Jay, Jimmy

Jasper – Jas


Julian – Jules, Jude


Kenneth – Kenny


Mickey – Mick


Nathaniel – Nate


Oscar – Ozzy


Peter – Pete


Rufus – Russ

Rupert – Rupe

Russell – Russ

Sebastian – Seb, Bastian



Stewart – Stewie

Theodore – Theo, Teddy

Tobias – Toby

Walter – Walt, Wally


Wesley – Wes

Winston – Winn, Winnie


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What does your favorite name mean?

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Choosing the perfect name

Choosing the perfect name can be tricky. For one, you might have to agree with a partner. You may wish to honor a family member or choose a name with a specific meaning. You might choose a name you love and feel suits your family. There are so many factors that play into this decision!

My best advice is this: try out a few options. Say the name out loud (again and again and again!) and write the name on paper. Pay attention to how it feels to say it. Do you like the flow? Is it easy to say? Does that matter to you? Also, check if the initials spell anything that bothers you. To be honest I wanted to name a boy Peter Miles until I realized his initials would be PMS. Is it a big deal? Eh, maybe not, but it just didn’t feel right after that.

Heck, you can even consider taking a couple different name options into the delivery room with you and see which one feels right at the moment. We did that for my first pregnancy and Stella was a clear winner when we saw our sweet girl!

Enjoy the process. It truly can be fun! Try not to get too attached to names until you speak with your partner. It saves some of the heartbreak.

Happy naming!


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That concludes this list of timeless & unique vintage baby boy names!

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