1 Year Old Sample Schedule For Stay At Home Moms

An Easy Sample 1 Year Old Schedule (With 2 Naps)

You can be certain this routine loving mama always has a baseline schedule! I’m here today to share it with you (by popular request!).

I hope you find our sample 1 year old schedule (with 2 naps) helpful in creating your own version perfect for your baby and family!

Please know this as you read along:

Do we deviate from it? Absolutely. All the time. For example, naps are hardly ever the same length and weather can alter plans to be outside. But kids thrive off routine and it’s there as a baseline, so they know what to expect next within their day.

One year old feeding schedule

1 Year Old Feeding Schedule

Your pediatrician should play a role here. Some families are directed to increase solids or alter milk schedules, so be sure to talk to them about your baby’s specific needs.

Our feeding schedule looks something like this:

7:30am nursing session

9:30am breakfast

10:30am nursing session

12:30pm lunch

2:30pm snack

3:00pm nursing session

5:30pm dinner

7:30pm nursing session

As we wean down on nursing sessions and start transitioning to some bottles of milk, we will also add in the snacks.

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Per our pediatrician we are working up to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for Stella. The two day-time nursing sessions will be dropped first, followed by the morning session and lastly, the bedtime session. We are somewhat following baby led weaning at this point – but I do plan to finish nursing by 18 months (again, a very personal decision that will vary for each family).

1 Year Old Sample Schedule With 2 Naps

One year old sleeping schedule with two naps:

6:30-7:30 wakes up

10:30-12:00 nap

3:00-4:00 nap

7:30 bedtime

Ohhh toddler sleep. Fun, am I right?

Already down to 1 nap? No problem. See this sample schedule by clicking here!

This is one area I am pretty adamant on keeping more strict. I find my toddler sleeps so much better when we stick to a semi-consistent schedule. These naps can be on the go if needed, but I try to make them happen around the same time each day or at the same amount of “awake time” each day! Usually this means the naps are within 30 mins of the times listed, as she doesn’t wake up at the exact same time everyday.

We never did formally “sleep train”. We chose to lay a foundation for good sleep habits and let sleep develop with Stella. That being said, as a stay at home mom of 1 I felt I could function with a few night wake ups. I totally understand you need to do what works for your family and each child is unique in how much help they need in learning how to sleep too.

I mean, who knew before parenthood that you need to teach babies how to sleep?!

Maybe you were more prepared than me for that. I was lost in a sea of information on wake windows and sleep strategies as a new mom that I did not see coming.

Click here to check out my favorite Instagram account for baby sleep tips (that aren’t cry it out). Alicia’s advice saved me time and time again!

I know plenty of mamas swear by formal sleep training but I followed my personal mama intuition which told me it wasn’t the right choice for our daughter.

1 year old schedule and daily routine

Putting it all together: a sample 1 year old schedule with 2 naps

1 Year Old Sample Schedule With 2 Naps (for the stay at home mom)

6:30-7:30 time to wake up & have a morning nursing session

8:00-9:00 independent play time in gated play area with safe toys (usually I am reading or working and having coffee next to her)

9-9:30 play with mom (inside or outside, we love to do sensory activities!)

9:30 breakfast together

10-10:30 read books with mom, other quiet play & nurse before the first nap

10:30-12:00 nap 1

12:00-12:30 play in room together with mom

12:30 lunch together

1:00-2:00 park, baby class, play date, or errands

2:30 light snack (often on the go!)

3:00-4:00 nursing session & nap

4:00-5:00 go for a walk, play, mommy meet up, or baby class

5:00-5:30 high chair play while mom cooks dinner

5:30 dinner together

6:00-7:00 family time and daddy daughter time

7:00-7:30 start bedtime routine & last nursing session of the day

That’s our 12 month old schedule, mamas!

Coming soon is our 15 month old sample schedule with 1 nap, as Stella is showing signs of dropping that afternoon nap.

She (at just under 13 months) is fighting both naps and also fighting bedtime which is her way of telling us her wake windows aren’t long enough anymore. We are starting the process by moving the first nap back 30 minutes and capping it to leave room for a second nap for a while longer.

That being said, our daughter has always been on the low end of the wake windows and has dropped naps on the younger side of what is “expected”, so I’m not surprised she’s showing signs she’s ready – even if her mama isn’t!

As I’ve mentioned before, every child is unique and you need to follow their lead a little too. Use schedules like this one as inspiration to create one that fits you and your baby’s needs!


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  1. My son is approaching that one year mark and it is a definite struggle to get him to sleep. His sleep schedule is all out of whack and I am wanting him to have some normalcy in this sleep routine. Thank you for writing this for us mama that are struggling and need a reference.

  2. Oh how I miss the days of two naps! But it’s exciting going to one nap as they’re getting older and more interactive and love to play!

  3. This is so helpful, I’m pass the stage of two naps. Even getting her down for one is a struggle but I do my best to try and stick to a schedule

  4. Thanks for sharing, this blog post took me down the memory lane. Reminds me of when my kids were little, some followed the schedule and some didn’t.

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