The Best Footed Pajamas for Tall Babies: Image of baby boy wearing cute llama footed pajamas

The 8 Best Footed Pajamas for Tall Babies

A roundup of the best footed pajama brands for tall babies.

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Ya’ll, my babies are TALL. We are talking off the charts, greater than 99th percentile tall. I guess I should have seen that coming given my husband is 6’9″… but I’m of pretty average height at 5’5″. I figured our children might be somewhere in the middle. So far, so wrong 😉

My 2.5 year old is currently wearing 4-5T pants in most brands and my 5 month old is currently wearing size 12 month pants. He’s all LEGS. Unfortunately none of those cute outfit sets work for us since they wear several sizes down in shirts than pants.

As you can imagine, their tallness has sent me on a mission to find appropriately fitting baby clothes. And, not only are they tall, but they are pretty lanky too (especially my daughter). This means I can’t just size up in any old brand.

I’m here today to round up my favorites in this post on the best footed pajamas for tall babies & toddlers. Please excuse my language regarding skinny/lanky/chubby/chunky babies – it’s the terminology most used in google searches. ALL babies regardless of size are perfectly adorable and squishy!

Best footed pajamas for tall skinny babies

8 top footed pajama brands for tall babies with cute baby wearing green beanie faded in the background

All opinions are my own and are based on my experience shopping for my 2 children.

Burt’s Bees Baby

My son in his Christmas Burt’s Bees Pajamas at 6 months old

By a landslide, Burt’s Bees makes the best pajamas for tall, thin babies.

Their snug fit jammies are perfect for my daughter (>99th percentile for height with a BMI around the 13th percentile). They were our fav when she was a baby and continue to be a favorite well into her toddler years.

We love Burt’s Bees jammies because they fit snug, are made from organic cotton, and have the BEST seasonal prints.

That being said, they definitely aren’t the best choice for big and tall babies. I have a much harder time getting my son’s arms through these ones.

PS – their Black Friday sale every year is amazing, so be sure to set a reminder to check that out. They have fun holiday matching family pajamas too!

Shop Burt’s Bees here.

Best footed pajamas for tall chunky babies

Best Footed Pajamas for Tall Chubby Babies: baby wearing green and white llama print footed pajamas sitting on a bed
My son wearing these adorable Cloud Island llama pajamas

Cloud Island

Cloud Island makes footed pajamas with mittens, even in their bigger sizes. This means extra length in the arms when the mittens are unrolled. These pajamas are nice and long, but also fit a little wider, so they are perfect for those squishy babes in the higher weight and height percentiles.

K's current favorite Cloud Island footed pajamas available at Target, 2 3 pack sets of jammies, one in black and white and one colorful.

Shop Cloud Island footed pajamas at Target here.

Best footed pajamas for tall babies

Here are some of my other favorite brands that make cute footies for tall babies. I’ve ordered them in the order of best fit (length wise) for my kiddos.

The Children’s Place

What’s great about shopping at The Children’s Place is that (at the time of writing) they currently have free shipping on every order! No need to spend X amount of dollars on stuff you don’t actually need just to save that shipping fee (anyone else guilty of doing that?).

They also have great sales so be sure to watch those.

Cute footed pajamas at the children's place: giraffe, space and floral/purple 2 pack

Shop The Children’s Place footed pajamas here.

Little Sleepies

These footed pajamas are designed to fit babies longer than traditional brands – which is great news for tall babies! The feet unroll and they become footless as your baby grows. They are made from super soft bamboo viscose fabric too.

Shop Little Sleepies here.

Hanna Andersson

Another favorite that has plenty of options made from soft, organic cotton. They have the most adorable prints too. My favorite are the rubber duckie footed pajamas. Hanna Andersson makes some of the best gender neutral prints I’ve seen yet!

Shop Hanna Andersson here.


We love the Gap snug fit footed pajamas. I love to buy organic cotton whenever possible as it’s natural and breathable, but they have plenty of options in other materials too.

Ks Picks: Footed Baby Pajamas at the Gap. All over animal print, subtle 2 pack, waffle ruffle neutral.

Shop Gap pajamas here.


baby wearing footed pajamas from carter's (milk & cookies print)
My newborn son wearing size 3 months Carter’s footed pajamas

Size up and Carter’s footed pajamas fit pretty nicely. My 5.5 month old currently wears the 9 month carter’s footed pajamas and they work great! They have a little more room than the Burt’s Bees ones but they still fit nice and snug.

Shop Carter’s footed pajamas here.

Summary of the best footies for tall babies

Top choice for tall thin babies = BURT’S BEES BABY

Top choice for tall chubbier babies = CLOUD ISLAND (Find them at Target)

Top choice for tall babies of more average weight = THE CHILDREN’S PLACE

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That concludes this roundup of the best footed pajamas for tall babies!

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