Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

30+ Brilliant Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $10 (that aren’t junk!)

Toddler Stocking Stuffers You Both Will Love

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Are you wondering what to put in a toddler’s stocking?

Perhaps, like me, you want practical, useful and fun fillers that aren’t complete junk?

If that’s the case, keep reading! I’ve done the research for both of us, and I’m dishing on some amazing toddler stocking stuffer ideas.

30+ brilliant toddler stocking stuffer ideas for under 10 dollars

What to put in a toddler’s stocking…

Ahhh, the Christmas stocking. So many beautiful memories of us kids crowded around the fireplace on Christmas morning scoping out our treasures from Santa Claus.

Being on the other side of this tradition, as a mom myself, I quickly learned stocking stuffers can really add up to a lot of $$$!

I dove deep this year and came up with a list of 30 toddler stocking stuffer ideas that are actually useful and fun, and come in under $10 each (many are well under $10!).

Happy shopping!

Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Here’s the master list in case you are speed shopping!

Keep scrolling for photos and descriptions of the individual items.

Practical Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Straw Cups

We love this one from Nuby, because it is so easy to clean! You can disassemble all the parts… unlike many others on the market. The fun colors are an added bonus for disguising veggie laden smoothies 😉

Snack Container

These collapsible snack containers are space savers, and they prevent spills! A totally practical stocking stuffer.

Toddler Utensil Set

If your toddler is learning how to use utensils, this is a perfect add-in! Under $5 at the time of writing and you get 3 spoons and 3 forks!

Popsicle Mold

Make fun popsicles and fruit pops with this mold. Made of food-safe silicone this is a great activity based stocking stuffer.

Lunch Box Ice Packs

If your toddler goes to daycare, or even Grandma’s house and you pack some food, these butterfly ice packs could be an adorable, practical stocking stuffer!

Fun Face Masks

Etsy is a gold mine for adorable, fashionable face masks. I am obsessed with these, and they have so many cute patterns! It doesn’t look like face masks are going away anytime soon, so they could be a perfect, practical stocking stuffer this year.


Can’t go wrong with a Carhartt beanie! A steal for under $10. Multiple colors available too… but how gorgeous is this one?!

Disney Hat & Mittens

How adorable is this Minnie hat and matching mittens? Such a cute little stocking stuffer sure to bring your Disney fan a smile!


Maybe you live in a warmer climate, or your toddler doesn’t need a winter hat. A cute baseball cap could make a great stocking stuffer too! And, if you are willing to stretch to just over $10, they have some really cute tie dye hats!


Cute slippers are another cozy stocking stuffer! I love these bear slippers, and they have great reviews too!

Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Jacob’s Ladder Visual Illusion Toy

This is such a fun, classic wooden toy. Boggle their little minds with a Jacob’s Ladder.

Finger Puppets

You can even split them up amongst multiple kiddo’s stockings. $6 for the set (at the time of writing) is a pretty great deal!

Beanie Boo’s

Beanie Boo’s make great stocking stuffers… they take up a lot of room and are totally loved by kids! There is something fascinating about those big colored eyes… If the dog isn’t quite your speed, there are TONS of characters available. I mean, they even have a unicorn cat!

Toy Car

Green Toys is one of my favorite environmentally conscious companies, and they have these cute toy cars in pink and blue! They also have a great selection of toys for Christmas gifts too.

Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are a toddler favorite! They encourage open-ended play in and out of the bath. Perfect for developing concentration, it’s so fun to watch their little minds go to work. Grab these for your stocking!

Bath Related Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Bubble Bath

This lavender bubble bath is a dream and makes a perfect stocking stuffer coming in just under the $10 mark (at the time of writing).

Fishing Bath Toy

This fishing toy by Munchkin is such a fun stocking stuffer that will brighten up bath time! I know my toddler will be obsessed with this.

Bobbly Bath Toys

If your toddler is on the younger side… these bath boppers by Muchkin might be the perfect surprise! They help develop motor skills and encourage fun, imaginative play.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddler Boys


Got a potty training young toddler? Grab these training underpants as a functional stocking stuffer.


Kinda like underwear, toddlers are always need more socks. These ones by Hudson Baby are super cute. I’m sure there’s a sock monster in your house too…. seriously, where all the single socks go, I’ll never know.


A fun Marvel graphic t-shirt that they can’t wait to wear could be a brilliant toddler stocking stuffer. Not everything has to be a toy, that’s for sure!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddler Girls


Ever-growing toddlers need new underwear! Grab these Fruit of the Loom undies for a functional stocking stuffer.


Socks make a great, useful stocking stuffer. This Gerber multipack is adorable!


Clothes in general make super functional stocking stuffers for toddlers, the trick is finding a good deal! I love this Unicorn T for under $10. Another place to scope out good sales is Target.

More Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas


How fun is this adorable bubble gun?? Two refills and under $10 too… all with great reviews! I think Santa is bringing this to our house 😉

Board Books

These are a few family favorites! People often get caught up buying Christmas books… but they lose their appeal as soon as Christmas day is over. I prefer to gift year round books like these.

A Lovey

An organic cotton security blanket, under $10! This Gerber lovey is too cute. Options include a fox, bunny, hedgehog & elephant.


Get crafty with your toddler with this 10 pack of Play-Doh colors! Play-Doh is great for hand strength and creative play.

Glow In The Dark Stars

These fun, colorful twinkle stars glow in the dark and can be used on the ceiling or the wall.

Fridge Magnets

Play with letters, learn the alphabet and more with these Melissa & Doug alphabet magnets. I mean, an educational stocking stuffer & toy? Yes please!

Final thoughts on toddler stocking stuffers…

Last but not least, don’t forget to put an orange in the toe of the stocking! This tradition comes from the legend of St. Nicholas, where he was helping a family by providing spheres of gold to their three daughters. The orange today represents the gold sphere of the past. You can read more about this tradition and legend here at the Smithsonian.

Have a magical Holiday season!

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