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Easy To Copy Laundry Schedule For Family of 4

Steal one of these laundry schedules for a family of 4

If you don’t already have one, a weekly laundry schedule is going to change your life for the better.

That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! Simple home systems and routines are game changers – allowing you to handle your responsibilities in less time. They aren’t these rigid, horribly inflexible things some people make them out to be. The right routines make your life EASIER. The wrong routines feel dreadful.

When chores like laundry become habitual you no longer waste your time or energy considering doing them or wondering when you are going to get to them – they just get done! It’s fantastic. Now you can spend that mental currency elsewhere.

Let’s find you the right weekly laundry schedule for your family!

laundry schedule for family of 4: mom and 2 kids loading laundry into washer and drier

First you have to decide what is less stressful for you: 1-2 loads a day or 1-2 days per week doing multiple loads.

Personally, one load a day is the way to go for me because I’m not tied to the house doing laundry all day. I can always find a few minutes here or there to get it done.

I throw my first load in while my coffee is brewing, flip it right after the kids eat breakfast and are happily playing and then I throw it in drawers (no folding kids clothes… it’s pointless even though I really prefer it) or hang it up sometime before dinner. This works for me in this season of life as a stay at home / work at home mom.

I find it much less annoying to do just one or two loads a day than having to spend an entire day focused on the washer/dryer timing, but to each their own! My good friend and twin mama swears by doing her laundry two days a week knowing she is around the house those days and able to switch over the loads.

You can always try one and then the other and see which is a better fit for your family!

Weekly Laundry Schedule for 1-2 Loads Per Day (Young Kids)

Monday: kid 1 clothes

Tuesday: kid 2 clothes

Wednesday: towels

Thursday: parent 1 clothes

Friday: parent 2 clothes

Saturday: sheets/bedding

Sunday: misc/catch-up/sports/extra

Weekly Laundry Schedule for 1-2 Loads Per Day (Older Kids)

Monday: towels

Tuesday: parent clothes

Wednesday: parent clothes

Thursday: sheets/bedding

Friday: catch-up/extra/misc/sports

Saturday: kid loads

Sunday: catch-up/extra/misc/sports

If your kids are older you can do the kid laundry on the weekends and get them to pitch in! Young kids are very capable too – my 3 year old sorts and puts her laundry in her drawers.

Weekly Laundry Schedule for 1-2 Days Per Week

Day 1: kid clothing, adult bedding, towels

Day 2: adult clothing, kid bedding, sports/misc/extra

Typically spacing these days out works best (for example Tuesday/Friday or Wednesday/Saturday). Separating the laundry days will help prevent “laundry burnout”. Having one of the days on the weekend is helpful for those with a spouse or older kids who can pitch in. Every load of laundry someone else in your house does frees up about 20-30 minutes of YOUR time!

Tips for a successful weekly laundry schedule:

  • Use habit stacking to create a routine you can stick to (for example, throw in your laundry right after you hit brew on the coffee pot or start the kettle)
  • Do sheets/bedding on a day you will be home because that will be a multiple loads day, especially if you have a small apartment sized washer like me…
  • Don’t waste time folding toddler/baby clothes, they will just empty them out of the drawers when you aren’t looking.
  • Get your kids/partner involved
  • Use wool dryer balls with essential oils to make your laundry smell wonderful
  • Remember life happens – if you miss a day it’s not so hard to catch up when you are just doing a load a day!

Laundry schedule PDF

free laundry schedule

Get your laundry schedule PDF for free here.

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Create your personalized laundry schedule for family of 4 today!

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